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The Free Crypto Press was founded in 2020!

The Free Crypto Press intends to be your Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Portal for the great burgeoning community of enthusiasts, both old and new alike! Offering several choices-sourced Top Headline Feeds; Curated Video Analysis by Top Presenters; Curated Technical Analysis by top analysts on TradingView and beyond. These are some of the available features.

Find the Letters To The Editor page, where I seek your engagement, now, and, as the space evolves and moves toward mass crypto adoption! The “Letters” page is open to all visitors who wish to participate.

Please note the Snap Charts page! This is where original material by TheFreeCryptoPress.Com is posted. As an immediate disclaimer, these analyses are not to be considered financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any asset, including cryptocurrency! Please perform your own due diligence. Investments and trading are inherently risky, and require many hours, days, and even years of research! Bitcoin and Crypto Markets are considered high volatility, high risk markets, also considered by many to be the future of finance and banking; This is not to mention the endless use-cases applicable to Blockchain Technology!

Find the Bitcoin Live Chart page! Here you’ll be able to draw charts and screen various altcoins courtesy of TradingView. Many thanks for their great widgets! There’s also a Top 500 Coins page by market-cap-value, etc! The Audio Podcasts page offers a great alternative source of audible info!

The Free Crypto Press plans on adding new pages while implementing new ideas as we keep up with demand…

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The Mission: Simplify Your Navigation Through The 
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency   Community of Independent Analysts and Corporate Media by Offering A Consolidated Portal To The Cryptoverse!

While in its infancy, The Free Crypto Press hopes to grow and flourish among its peer community. Your support and involvement with TFCP is vital to its core goals; We hope you can find the symbiotic, grass-roots, boot-strapped value of which TheFreeCryptoPress.Com has to offer!

With your support, The Free Crypto Press offers affiliate referral programs. Advertising is available and ad campaigns are planned as we grow and facilitate our services. These are the goals at TFCP.

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